Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Før rejsen - en lille update

Hej allesammen.

long time, no see - well thats about to be changed!

Lately I've been debating on whether I should write this blog in danish or in english, I still haven't come to a conclusion, but I decided to write this one in english - I thought it would be good practice, and a good way to prepare myself for my upcoming year. But throughout my year in the us, i'm properly going to switch between both languages, just so both my host, and my real family can update themselves on how I'm doing.

anyways.. about 2 months ago I had to take a SLEP test, which is a test that all upcoming exchange student have to take, in order to give their future schools an idea about what level your on.
the test has 2 parts. the first part is a listening part, where you have to listen to a tape, in order to answer some questions. the second part is a reading test - there you have to read a lot and then afterwards answer some question, exactly as you did in the previous test. you're not allowed to use any helping tools, so you have to have your english straight in order to answer the questions correctly.
the test wasn't hard at all, in fact it was pretty easy. there was a few words which I didn't understand though, but then i just guessed, and hopefully it'll not turn out okay!

thats basically everything that has happened since last. I will update you when I get updated on everything myself.
the next post will properly be around may. cause there i will be attending a meeting - so stay tuned for new blog post.

i hoped that this post was helpful (Come on Christine - it was just a boring ramble)
if not i'm truly sorry! :p

okay .. I'll see all of you sometime in the nearest future..



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  1. Hører mange sige at SLEP-testen er meget let. Det er jeg egentlig ret glad for at høre, haha :) Jeg skal tage den til mit orienteringsmøde den 2. maj, så må jeg se hvordan det går ;) Har du fået at vide hvordan du klarede dig endnu?

    Haha, jeg kan heller aldrig bestemme mig for, om jeg skal skrive dansk eller engelsk, så jeg har oprettet en blog til hvert sprog, og så dobbeltposter jeg bare.